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TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division has many breakthrough herbal and allopathic formulations, across various therapeutic segments. The range includes calcium supplements, haematinics, cervical dilators, thrombolytic agents, rejuvenators, multimineral supplements, liver correctives and pain management products.

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Besides being the first Pharmaceutical Company in India to be awarded the ISO certification by BIS, TTK Healthcare was also the first to launch technology-driven life-saving products like Urokinase and Dopamine. The Company has also developed medicines like Lactare based on Ayurveda - the ancient traditional system of medicine.

The Company's products are marketed by a well-trained sales force, who form an ideal interface between the medical fraternity and the Company's pharmaceutical division. TTK Healthcare's products are trusted and prescribed by a wide segment of healthcare professionals in India. Almost 90,000 doctors are met every month by personnel from the Ethical Products Division(EPD).

The Animal Welfare Division(AWD) caters to the requirements of veterinarians, hatcheries, poultry farms and dairy farms through a variety of herbal and allopathic formulations. The division's product range includes feed supplements, liver correctives, calcium and phosphorous supplements, fertility inducers, anthelmintics, antispasmodic & cervical dilators, antihistamines, trace minerals & vitamin-A supplements, antibiotics, ectoparasiticide, cocktail enzymes etc. The AWD has an extensive, well-trained sales force that is in touch with nearly 9000 Veterinarians across the country, and reaches out to the customer through a nation-wide network of 450 stockists.

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