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TTK Ready-to-fry Snack Pellets are available in a variety of flavors, shapes, colours and designs.
TTK manufactures Potato and Cereal based pellets in its state-of -the-art facility, for markets in India and abroad. The production unit is designed not only to assure the highest quality but also to ensure consistency in quality.
The Cereal and Potato based pellets come in various shapes, such as Wheels (mini & penta), Tubes (mini, short, long & square), Sticks, 3 Rings, Ribbed, Star, Checks, Chips, Drops etc besides Onion Rings.
The customer base for TTK Ready-to-fry Snack Pellets includes multinationals and the trade in India. The Exports division services the foreign countries and the products are regularly exported to the overseas markets.

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