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The Frame
TTK Chitra valvesThe frame of the TTK Chitra Heart Valve is made using a chrome cobalt alloy. This aerospace alloy has exceptional mechanical properties with low wear and high corrosion resistance. It also conforms to the specifications of the American Society for Testing Materials.

At TTK Healthcare, every batch of the alloy is tested for wear resistance prior to use. The frame is integrally machined from a solid block of the alloy using modern machining techniques. The machined frame goes through more than a hundred steps of finishing, inspection and cleaning operations to achieve a final finish of better than 0.1 micron Ra.

The Occluder
TTK Chitra valvesThe Occluder in the TTK Chitra Heart Valve is made from implant tested surgical grade UHMWPE with an enormous molecular weight of 6-10 million. The plano-conical disc is cryo machined from bar stock and is mirror-finished by thermo-compression polishing. The entire process has been awarded an international patent. This material is inert to blood, has self lubricity and extremely low wear. It is free from cavitation erosion that is common with pyrolitic carbon discs, is many times tougher than steel and resists fracture. Also an excellent sound absorber, it makes the TTK Chitra Valve almost inaudible.

Sewing Ring
TTK Chitra valvesThe Sewing Ring is fabricated from extensively implant tested, 100% polyester material. The Sewing Ring fabric is warp - knitted in a pattern specially developed jointly by the SCTIMST and the South India Textile Research Association, using texturized yarn with superb tissue ingrowth and long term blood compatibility.

Each sewing ring is individually tested for strength before assembling on the valve. The design enables full structural support while the knitting permits smooth trouble-free suturing. The design and fabrication of the sewing ring gives a firm and secure seating on the frame and also permits rotation in the ring for proper orientation after suturing in place.
Product Features
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