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TTK Chitra valvesSuperior haemodynamics, structural integrity, low profile and silent operation have been built into the Chitra Heart Valve by design. Every aspect of the design has been further validated in various prestigious laboratories in India and abroad. The unique plano-conical disc is oriented in such a way that it improves flow in the minor orifice. The extremely light-weight, almost zero-buoyancy disc closes and opens rapidly minimizing the regurgitation and pressure losses. The slippery, wax-like highly polished surface of the disc gives it thrombo resistance. In use, the disc rotates on its own axis and also slides in its plane, minimizing clot initiation and adhesion.

The shock absorbing characteristics of the disc prevents structural failure by gently transferring stresses while greatly abating valve noise.

The low physical profile, the streamlined flow contours and the mirror finish all combine to give excellent haemodynamic performance for the TTK Chitra Heart Valve.

The pressure gradients across the valve, the effective orifice area, the regurgitant volume per cycle, energy loss and performance index are all comparable to or better than other mechanical valves.

The TTK Chitra Valvular Prosthesis has three components:

  • A frame carved out of a single block of Chrome Cobalt Alloy, long proven in cardiac valvular implants.
  • An occluder made from the superbly biocompatible Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE).
  • A sewing ring made from implant tested 100% Polyester fabric.
Product Features
  •Sewing ring
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