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TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division functions through 4 main divisions - Ethical Products Division (EPD), Modern Medicine Division (MMD), Indian Medicine Division (IMD) and VENTURA.

TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division has several achievements under their belt including being...
 • The first Pharmaceutical Company in India to be awarded ISO certification by BIS
 • The first company to launch technology driven life saving products like UROKINASE and DOPAMINE
 • The first to develop a product based on traditional knowledge - LACTARE for Lactation

The Pharmaceuticals Division's product range comprises many path-breaking medicines like:
 • Programmed release products like RABULCER D for gastric reflux and ulcer
 • Anti-inflammatory products like Nimulase and Dolobest OD based on special coating technology
 • TEFROLIV FORTE for hepatic disorders
 • ELCARIM for proper growth and development of babies
 • DELIVERA for dry skin
 • ARTHRID for arthritis

The Division has also developed products based on the ancient and traditional knowledge of ayurveda.

The Pharmaceuticals Division is backed by a formidable strength of over 600 well trained field staff who form the interface between the medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical industry. TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceutical products enjoy unsolicited patronage from all segments of doctors. A highly efficient distribution network, with depots across all the states ensures that TTK Healthcare's pharmaceutical products are made available to every nook and corner of India.

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