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About TTK Group

TTK- Three letters that mean quality consumer products for every household at affordable prices – That’s a reputation that’s been built over the last 9 decades by a South Indian manufacturing and marketing group. The TTK Group was founded in 1928 by T.T. Krishnamachari, who later became a Union Minister and held the portfolios of finance, industry and commerce for close to fifteen years. Soaps, chocolates, pens, clocks, cosmetics and condoms. The TTK Group was among the earliest to introduce such western goods in India, building up a vast network of distributors. Close to 150 products of the major multinational companies of the time came to India through TTK. In the early ‘30s, the TTK Group began its journey as a market-making partner and introduced foreign products into the Indian market. In fact, the Group has pioneered the organized distribution in India. Over the years, the group has built powerful brands of its own, tenaciously gaining not just a pan-Indian but a global market as well for many of its products. The Group now has a turnover of over Rs. 2500 crores and a market capitalization of Rs. 10,000 crore and includes two publicly listed companies.

Today TTK Group is a Rs. 2500 crores Group with 30 product categories and services with 16 manufacturing units, employing 6000 people and having export to every continent.

The company has achieved this feat without ever losing its values while being committed to the consumer and maintaining product quality. Our consumer products are available at affordable prices and help make life better for society at large.