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Under the brand name Fryums, extruded products such as papads are offered to our B2B, & export customers. They are also sold through Retailers, Modern trade, & E-commerce platforms. Both of our units can produce Cereal, Potato, Rice, Pulses and Corn-based products with more than 30 shapes to choose from in the 2D and 3D categories. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop customized products based on our customers’ needs.


The division boasts of two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Bengaluru (South India) & Jaipur (North India). It is also the country’s only facility that has a Pilot-scale extruder plant with a dedicated R&D lab. The unit’s six Italian lines have the capability to produce 21,000 MTs of extruded products with different bases and shapes. Another USP of the division is the ability to create customized products.

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Research & Development

We have a dedicated R&D team of well-qualified professionals which include food technologists, sourcing & engineering personnel working around the year to develop innovative & customized products.The division boasts of being the only facility in India to have a pilot plant which is a miniature version of the existing line. An application lab with frying and popping equipment and an analytical lab with in-house testing of expansion, oil absorption, moisture level and viscograph. These tools are a testament to the division’s vision for developing new & innovative products


Our focus on food quality and safety is of paramount importance which includes:

  • Stringent inspection of raw material and packaging material
  • Scrutiny for compliance to specification before acceptance into the factory
  • Standardized procurement process where all raw material and packaging material are procured only from those vendors who comply with all the regulatory parameters
  • The Manufacturing units have certifications like ISO-22000, KOSHER, HALAL and FSSAI. The Jaipur Factory is US FDA registered
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