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Our Offerings

  • Our wide range of products include feed supplements, liver correctives, fertility inducers, antibiotics, antiparasiticides, antispasmodics, cervical dilators, cocktail enzymes etc., and serves the requirements of veterinarians, dairy, poultry & aqua farmers and pet parents. 
  • With an extensive, well-trained sales force, our division services the needs of the wide-spread network of over 9000 veterinarians across the country, as well as a nation-wide network of more than 900 stockists.

Our Innovations

  • Tefroli bears the distinction of being India’s first Herbal Liver tonic in the veterinary segment. The herbs used in Tefroli have been well documented in traditional texts and were developed by the company’s R&D team
  • We were the first in India to promote the concept of Skin Lipid Complex (Dermspot) for damaged skin barrier in pets
  • We were the first to introduce proteolytic enzyme therapy for pets (Penetrat Pet) with the combination of Trypsin, Bromelain and Rutoside

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Our Leading Brands

  • Ossomin and Orcal-P,based on MCHC formulation (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex) are pioneer brands of the organic calcium segment, offering a better absorption rate.

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